About us

United Interiors International (UII) was founded in 1994. Since that time we have grown into an international leader servicing the aviation industry in Russia and CIS with aircraft interiors. We grew by staying focused on our mission at all times:

«To provide the airline industry with professional consulting services, affordable quality equipment, and design excellence of aircraft interiors»

Our suppliers are among the most advanced and creative in the field of aircraft interiors. We partner with them for their innovative capability, reliability and their global support network. They manufacture products that remain reliable for their assigned task through the rigors of airline usage. The longevity of these products insures the maximum use at the minimum ownership cost to the airlines.

We look forward to working with you on «Interior Solutions for Your Aircraft!»


Sincerely yours, Dieter Lantin




Our position

Based on contractual appointments by our partners, the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’S), we exclusively represent their aircraft interiors materials and equipment in the whole territory of the former Soviet Union. By working with us, the airline operator will work in a “First-Hand Relationship’ with our Manufacturers.


Following your identified need for your aircraft interior, we will closely analyze submitted information, your ideas and requirments; We compare the capabilities of our suppliers and chose the optimal solution for the inquiry, taking into consideration purchase and ownership cost, terms and the product quality.

• We provide our complete analysis of the recommended solutionfor our customer’s consideration

• Depending on individual situations, we may propose solutions to solve related problems and, as requested, provide insights for other equipment and operational issues of the passenger cabin.

• We care deeply about our reputation and that of our suppliers, to whom we will introduce you on the following pages.

Our experience at your service for your success!