Dress covers and curtains

The dress covers and curtains replacement is the standard procedure by the the cabin refurbishment or by changing the corporate style of the airline. We provide this service with our very reliable partner, Paustian Airtex GmbH.

Over the last thirty years Paustian Airtex has become a major service provider of textile and leather seat covers for cabin interior worldwide. The well trained design team develops custom patterns for each seat model and manufactures from leather or fabrics or in combination of boths a very impressive designer solution. From the design stage the material will move to the cutting and preparation room where state-of-art laser cutting equipment will produce precise patterns or leather materials. The sewing process will be done under control of well trained professionals to achieve the highest quality of the product and create beautiful furnishings that give the interior the desired comfort and elegance. A special highlight is the corporate logo, which can be stiched onto the headrest or embossed onto material.

Another key element by the selection of the sewing company is its Manufacturer approval.

During attentive study of the dress cover label we find not only the part number and manufacturer name. There is also the information about meeting the paragraph 25.853.c for the combination burn testing. There is also mentioned the production approval number for the Manufacturer according to the Part 21G. Many people mix the Part -145 approval for the aircraft maintenance with the Part 21G approval. Only the last one gives the right to produce the new part and assign the new part number. Only such produced parts will be than approved by the 21J organization. Don't hurry to bring all the purchased fabrics to the nearest sewing shop - the Design Approved Organisation will not be able to approve the parts produced this way. Therefore it is better to cooperate with an approved seat cover manufacturing as Paustian Airtex.