Interior components change unfortunately does not pass as easy as the Common To Type Components change – listed in the AIPC – Aircraft Illustrated Parts List. In order to issue the EASA Form One or the 8130-3 to the newly produced interior item – dress cover, drapery or the seat cushion – we have not only produce these components from the approved materials (25.853.a) at the 21G approved manufacturing facility but also obtain paperwork package so called APPROVED DATA from the 21J Organisation. Such a package will be either Minor Change Approval or Major Change Approval. Many suppliers does not bother to provide complete data package for the sold materials or parts limiting their certification by providing the burn tests results. Such a compromise of the Quality department of the customer related to such materials causes the delayed problems. These will be raised during nearest yearly Airworthiness inspection with the aircraft certificate extension, or what is for sure – at the end of the leasing period and the airplane return to the Lessor. At this time – Lessor will raise up all the unapproved carpets, dress covers and draperies replacement, as well as the decorative laminates replacement on the partitions and other surfaces. Do it right from the very beginning and we will support you!

At the deep reconfigurations of the airplane – the integrator role is very important. On-time delivery of the seats, partitions, coat closets and other equipment to the time of the maintenance visit for reconfiguration requires the long term co-operation with the suppliers of all the needed equipment. It is required not only to deliver the components on time but also provide all the certification package to support on-time Approval or the reconfiguration. We will be happy to help you in this matter.