UII is the official representative of Rohi fabrics and leather (manufactured by Wollsdorf, Austria) in the CIS Market. We have taken on this responsibility because we believe in the principle of quality and we have ample experience with our partner Rohi who is recognized as OEM by Airbus and Boeing. We made sure that we can stand 100% behind the products and services of our partner.

We would not recommend any other supplier since we have tested and tried Rohi in order to determine the best possible partnership to ensure successful projects and satisfied customers.

Rohi is Germany’s leading hallmark for excellent fabrics. Design and quality are always specified to the customers’ needs and never fail to be fully integrated into the fine fabrics, woven for beautiful aviation interiors. Rohi has teamed up with Wollsdorf Leathers in Austria to be the worldwide representative of their commercial aviation leather program (except Germany, Austria and Switzerland). There is a fine collection of high quality leather options in Rohi’s worldwide aviation program to fit the needs of any airline and to match the beautiful fabrics for complete interior solutions.