Seat foams and cushions


The foam products from Metzeler Schaum GmbH, manufacturer of graphit composite, fire hard foams for aviation and transport seats. This fire-hard foam will pass the combination burn test without an additional expensive fire blocker. Dependly this will also reduce weight and installation time when changing seat covers. Some of the Metzeler cushions are require a very complex construction by as many as 70 individual parts and are the work of art!


Metzler's customers range is from international airlines and aircraft manufacturers to seat manufacturers worldwide.

Comprehensive in-house engineering and the development of its own foams enables Metzeler Schaum GmbH to provide all types of technologically advanced foams, as well as the possibility to adjust foam characteristics such as flammability, toxicity, density, hardness and ILD in accordance with the preferences of its customers.


Product areas

  • Bottom-, back rest-, leg rest- and head rest cushions
  • Arm rests, textile covers, padded covers and mattresses
  • Lumbar supports, floatation foams and ErgoFlex cushions
  • Ventilated seat cushions