One of our most well-known expertise is aircraft seating management. Based on years of experience in the aviation seating industry and having represented one of the world’s major aircraft seat suppliers, Weber Aircraft Seating in the US, for many years, we have the confidence to highly recommend our partner for high-quality seating solutions for your aircrafts. Our particular expertise is our in-depth knowledge of the used and refurbished aircraft seating market. We are able to provide complete services leading up to the installation of the seats on board your aircrafts. With Weber’s excellent seating solutions we are able to provide a wide range of aircraft seats, whether new or used.


For special seating projects we work with highly revered partners in the industry. Where unique quality design concepts are needed we recommend Priestmangoode in London, England. When high- quality finishing work, fabric, or leather in any class is desired we turn to Paustian Airtex in Hamburg, Germany. In addition, we work with quality vendors for the materials needed, like Wollsdorf leather in Austria and Rohi fabrics in Germany.

We look forward to providing you with a detailed quote on your next aircraft seating project.




To bring a new sparkle and a new look to your cabin interiors is part of our responsibilty when it comes to managing refurbishment projects for you. We make sure you will get the results you are looking for, so that you and your passengers will be happy and feel comfortable choosing your airline when traveling. The used aircraft seating market is an area of our in-depth expertise and we are able to provide complete services prior to installation of the seats on board your aircrafts.


We work with highly recommended partners in the industry in order to provide high-quality resultsfor finishings on the seats in leather or fabric we work with Paustian Airtex in Hamburg, Germany as an international partner.


Contact us to find the right cabin solution and to give us the opportunity to present to you design concepts in order to refurbish your cabin interiors the best way possible.